e053 - Adapting and Pivoting your Business with Emily Reagan

podcast May 05, 2020

Hey Mamas, another week, another day, but hello May! Our COVID Compassion Project series is still going strong and today we have a juicy, and much, much-needed episode to help you with all things business and learning to adapt and pivot during these interesting times.

We always hear the saying in business and life, "prepare for impact," but how often do we actually do so? Today's episode features Emily Reagan who is a mom of four, an air force wife, a digital marketing consultant, and founder of vacrashcourse.com. She has a background in journalism and electronic media. As a scrappy military wife who has moved every two years, Emily has worked in various jobs related to public relations, marketing, sports media relations, journalism, and video production. Finally, her random skillset has come together as a freelancer “VA” (virtual assistant), where she helps creative entrepreneurs take their talents online, grow their social media presence and build their sales funnels. She quickly booked out and didn’t like turning down clients, so she trained her smart military spouse and mom friends to learn digital media tech skills and take on clients as their own. She calls her Digital Media VA Crash Course graduates “unicorn VAs” because they have all the resourceful qualities, online insight, and implementation skills that online business owners are looking to hire first... Aka that total magical package.

In today's episode, Sabrina and Emily talk about all things business, how to adapt, and of course how to prepare for impact. For many of us who are in business or who are considering starting an online business during a time of crisis, today's episode will shake you up and give you the encouragement and boost you need to jump feet first, all-in.

So... without further adieu, here are our top takeaways from today's episode which we know will be highly valuable for all those tuning in or reading in:

1. Physical distancing, not social distancing. Why? Because now more than ever, we need community, we need connection. So yes, we are physically distant during this time, but socially more present than ever. Plug into online communities, podcasts. Have a porch side conversation with a friend. Better yet, mastermind with your biz besties and get the wheels in your biz turning, which brings us to our main point...

2. Adapt and pivot. Don't shut down. We repeat, do not freeze. Mamas, we know firsthand how it feels to have all this doubt and uncertainty swirling around when faced with a crisis, but isn't that why we exist? Navigating a crisis is literally a mom superpower; we do this with our littles every single day. We do the damn juggle all day, every day. Right now isn't so different. Use that fuel to launch your business, to make that side hustle your full-time gig. To not go back to corporate. To forge your own path. For those of you in businesses that are a bit more brick and mortar, have a sit down meeting with yourself (and your team if you have one), and ask yourselves how you can pivot. What can you offer en masse at an accessible price that still brings home the income sustainably? Can you do online classes, courses, consultations, porch side deliveries? The world is literally your canvas right now. This is the much-needed pivot many of us needed, the reset we were longing for (even if the circumstances are not ideal), the time we craved to work on our businesses and side hustles, the opportunity to create the life we desire, the type of "normal" we have the power to curate and create once things open up and everything is functional again. One thing is for certain, things will never go back to "normal," or the way it once was. The way it was before wasn't working. This pivot is a much-needed wake up call to always prepare for impact and to always keep innovating. Motherhood and entrepreneurship -- two things nobody prepares you for, but are the most rewarding. You roll with the punches, show up in the arena every day, and figure out one step at a time. Quitting is never an option, there are only pivots and redirections.

3. Show up, show up, show up. Trust yourself to lead. Trust in your ability to be resourceful, because you are, and because you will be. Someone out there needs what you have to offer. If at all you are ever doubtful about your skills or feeling that pesky impostor syndrome roar in your ear, create a Ta-da list of all your skills, talents, and abilities. Trust me, this will boost your confidence and inspire you to show up motivated and ready to serve. Talk about your experiences, share an insight, provide value - be it through a post, a video, or a collaboration. Show up for those who need your message, those who need you. Build that trust-like-know factor. This doesn't mean posting a perfectly curated and pretty Instagram feed (it can if you like that), but it means being real, honest, vulnerable when you show up online and offline. You won't always know the how, but you will figure it out. You gotta have the courage to try. Even if it means having one hundred failed launches. You won't know what sticks until you continue to show up and try. Go all in. This is the perfect time to go all-in on your dream. Mother Nature has literally provided you the time, space, and gift to be creative, innovate, and go all in and bet on yourself and your dreams. Tune into your emotions, tune into your "why" - for many of us, our why's are our families and kiddos. Let that be the inspiration that propels you forward.

4. Feedback is a gift. It really and truly is. We know Mama, it can feel hard to hear certain things from certain people in our life, especially when you are excited and pursuing a dream or calling, and moreover in a time like this. To that we say, be mindful of where the feedback comes from. Feedback from those who are where you want to be - a coach, a mentor, a trusted loved one (who genuinely is supportive of you), your beta clients/ program attendees, etc is a gift. Feedback from anyone else who is simply being negative or constantly undermining your every move or finding fault in your every move is toxic -- and mama has no room for toxicity, not when she is all about making things happen for herself and her family. So keep the feelings relatively aside, and be objective. Observe what's working, what's not working. What went well, what people loved. And most of all, what people need. Allow that to inform your next steps. And in the meantime, continue to put your offerings out there.

5. Have multiple streams of income. We know, we know. This one is a cliche, after all, all the finance, personal development, and entrepreneurship gurus and books preach this message every day. But Mama, it's true. Whether its network marketing, affiliate marketing, starting your own freelance business -- no matter what this looks like, it's always good to have multiple income streams. Consistency compounds. Sure you may not earn tens and thousands of dollars right away, but show up genuinely. Share why you love certain products or courses or brands - become an affiliate and earn a passive income through that. If there is a coach whose program made a difference in your life, share that online and help support their next launch and earn an affiliate commission. Have a digital course portal and house your courses on platforms such as teachable, membervault, Podia, thinkific, or Kajabi to name a few. Free up your time and have an impact that serves thousands! Grab an affiliate account with Amazon, your favorite small business brands, and more! The possibilities are endless.

6. Selling equals service and providing someone a gift that only you can provide them with your skills and talents. That's right Mama. Someone out there needs your gift. To not sell would be to cheat someone else out of the opportunity of experiencing a shift when they are working with you. With selling comes the learning and understanding that you are not for everyone. Own that and run with it. Build relationships with those you interact with. The more you show up in service and talk about what you have to offer, we promise you, you will find your soulmate clients who want to work with you, skin-in-the-game. You have been given your gifts for a reason, now is the perfect time to use them. Not when this is over (it's far from over), not when you quit that job, not when your kids are older. Now. Now is all you have and you owe it to yourself to lean into your gifts. If you never try, you will never know. Give yourself grace Mama and show up in a way that feels good to you - those are the sales that often feel effortless.

Whew, there you have it, a mini-crash course in all things online entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship... but seriously, we are rooting for you because we know you've totally got this! And when in doubt, tune into the podcast for some oomph and inspiration!

To know more about Emily or to connect with her, reach out to her on her platforms below:





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