e054 - COVID Compassion Project - Taking Charge: Mind, Body, and Soul with Sunit Suchdev

Uncategorized May 13, 2020

Hey Mamas, Happy Belated Mother’s Day! We hope that you were pampered, nourished, and nurtured this weekend - no matter what that looked like. That being said, our COVID Compassion Project series continues to gain momentum and is changing lives with each episode we air.

This week, we have an old friend and guest returning to the show, and we are so excited to share her with you!

Meet Sunit Suchdev! She is a wife and mother who is passionate about living a high vibe life. She is the host of the High Vibe Life podcast and is a holistic lifestyle coach who helps women take their power back in mind, body, and soul health.

And together, both her and Sabrina discuss the much-needed call to rise within our lives, ask questions, and take charge of our minds, bodies, and souls. Yes, they explore the current socio-cultural and political climate and how now more than ever, it is important to be mindful of what we consume — mentally, physically, emotionally.

PS. These are merely opinions shared, we encourage you to listen in with an open mind and heart.

It’s been almost two months and we are still quarantined. Our health heroes and front line workers still burning the candle at both ends. Our mamas and papas at home still burning the candle at both ends. And most of all, our kiddos, who are braving a whole new normal - we may think this is fun and games for them, and sure, there are many moments that are. But I assure you they can sense the unease, the fear, the heartache, the anxiety, the anger, and much more.

So today we ask the question: Are you okay?

No, really, Mama, how are you doing? How are the kiddos doing?

Because we understand that things are not okay. We know that the kids are not okay. We know that things at home for some of you may be full of heartache and turmoil.

And you know what, it’s okay not to be okay. This is a season that will pass, Mama.

What better way to address everything that is in our minds and hearts than by choosing to ask questions.

Right now, we are bombarded by news, social media, and so much more - to stay home or not stay home, to open everything back up or to keep it shut down, what deems certain businesses essential and certain others inessential, what to eat, drink, think, and more! Everything right now is an influx of information overload.

Now more than ever, it is important to be mindful of what we consume on every level. Our wellbeing and that of our children and family depend on this. Mama, tune into your intuition. Chances are that if you listen long enough and hard enough, you will hear her call.

You will realize that though this time is tough, it’s a gift that’s been given.

You’ll realize that though the masses are saying one thing over the news, the information doesn’t add up when you really think about it on a soulful and logical level.

You’ll realize that though being cocooned feels nice and cozy, what’s scarier is the alternative — the fear, the scarcity mode living, the divide that is currently being caused as a result.

You’ll realize that although kindness has come alive within most of humanity, there are still so many unanswered questions, untold stories, and cries of innocence, pain, and anguish.

You’ll realize Mama, that there is no one else who can protect yourself and your family better than you. While medicine has its place, so does a wholistic/holistic lifestyle.

Below are some of the things we talk about on this episode that will help you come out of this on the other side with a fierce heart, awakened spirit, and of course sound health in mind and body:

YOU have the power to heal your own body through the thoughts you think, the nutrition you consume, the emotions you feel and release, and the uncomfortable questions and conversations you are willing to have.

Cultivate and curate a healthy mindset. Prioritize your mental health through daily stress management. Take time to nap, rest, reflect, or shut off the news and anything else that doesn’t give you peace. Yes, this includes toxic habits, people, and situations.

Make holistic health and nutrition your daily arsenal. Advocate for your well-being relentlessly.

Always ask questions. If you feel something is off, it's your intuition speaking. Listen hard. Follow that nudge. Do your research.

We know this was a lotta good, juicy soul food to dive into, but don't stress Mama. Know that you have the strength, grace, and courage to show up powerfully in your own way, to rise and awaken to what’s around you and within you. Rise Warrior Mama, You’ve totally got this!

To know more about Sunit or to connect with her, reach out to her via Instagram (where she loves hanging out the most), or her other platforms linked in the podcast!







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