e051 - COVID Compassion Project - What's Your Style with Maria Swann

podcast Apr 21, 2020

Hi Mama,

Here we are, still navigating the unknowns and living a new 'normal' that changes at the drop of a hat! This is why we, at YGTMama, made it our mission to bring to you a special series on the podcast for the next six weeks otherwise known as the COVID Compassion Project where we do a deep dive into "how" to juggle life and motherhood during these difficult times.

Our second episode in this special series features the incredibly stylish, savvy, and creative, Maria Swann — a professional wardrobe organizer and style branding strategist.

She is also a mother and wife in a fun, blended family and created her business for the quintessential busy women who just want to look good and feel good, so they can show up powerfully no matter where they go. In her years of working in corporate America and in conversation with many clients, she realized there were women who lacked confidence because of how they looked. Maria knows and believes that women who feel good about themselves are more confident — they are the ones who ask for raises, speak up in meetings, negotiate the deals, and show up in life ready for whatever comes, Instead of hiding in a corner tugging at a top that doesn't fit well.

In today’s episode, Sabrina and Maria chat about all things style, looking good and feeling good, and how everything in our lives gets so much better when we feel good about ourselves! We show up more powerfully when we feel good inside-out.

Yes, Mama, you heard that correct!

We know you’re currently at home juggling even more than you normally would (the everyday juggle was hard enough as it is). We see you donning the multiple capes and hats between online client meetings, homework with the kiddos, and lunch, dishes, laundry, repeat!

You take care of everyone else and your own needs and style go out of style, right?

Just because we are living through a pandemic at the moment doesn’t mean we cannot and should not feel good about ourselves. You are beautiful and enough, in the skin and body you currently have!

So how can you show up a bit differently for yourself? How can you revel in the body you currently have, how can you feel more at home in your own skin?

Maria’s overall philosophy: Simplify to amplify! Own your style!

    • Make minor adjustments in your daily routine such as taking a little extra time to go through your skincare routine… Take that extra time to do your hair (even if that is the only thing you do in the morning), and gosh, have your juice/coffee/morning fuel before you go in Mama mode for the rest of the day! Those little tweaks make a massive difference!
    • Too sick of an overcrowded wardrobe and don’t want to shop for new things at the moment? No problem! Gather the family for a mini fashion show and choose your top 5 outfits for a casual - just-hanging-out-but-still-business look (no pj’s or yoga pants allowed for this one!)
    • Create a capsule wardrobe! Sure you might be all comfy cozy in those PJs, but having a quick top or dress to slip on will uplift your mood instantly! You’ll show up like you mean it even more online and offline
    • It’s all about the simple things! Are you hanging on to outfits that no longer fit you? Ask yourself why? This time is all about growth and healing on so many levels. Perhaps you hang onto old outfits because they remind you of a happier, fun time in your life — we hear ya, Mama. But hanging on to old stuff that no longer fits is no fun — mentally, emotionally, and of course, literally. Instead, offer your gently used items to another friend or loved one or donate them in a fellow mama or biz clothing group! You never know whose day they might brighten.
    • Identify your style! Is it always having accessories such as jewelry? Or is it hats? Perhaps it’s scarves or a simple shirt dress? Figure out what your unique go-to style is and curate your wardrobe around that! Style is forever. Fashion is trendy and recycles itself every few decades!

Mama, your life is one big wardrobe made up of so many different colors, accessories, and outfits!

Stick to what feels good, what makes you feel like you’re a powerhouse (‘cause you are!). Revel in the skin you’re in!

Discard everything that no longer fits, because it’s time to do that and watch how you soar in life and business!

To learn more about Maria and her work, or to connect with her, reach out to her on her social media platforms listed below.





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