Mothering ADHD

adhd parenting Mar 27, 2020

October is ADHD Awareness Month. We have a kiddo diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type. He is not hyperactive. He has difficulty focusing on the pertinent information because he notices everything. Our child had previously been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder but we felt that there was more to his story. This new diagnosis made so much sense and connects significantly with his anxiety. In not being able to focus, he missed out on information. This led him to feel anxious because he was constantly trying to fill in the gaps and get caught up. Feeling anxious made it even more challenging to concentrate and be effectively on-task. He looked on-task in class. He was being compliant and his pen was moving on the paper but his internal struggle was very real and we saw the result of this with emotional breakdowns, trouble sleeping, and a sense of self-defeat and incapability communicated and visible at home. 


When we decided to reconnect with his psychologist to...

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