Invisible - Parenting with Anxiety

anxiety mamahood parenting Mar 27, 2020

We have a child who has anxiety. This is beyond worrying about things from time to time. Looking back, his anxiety was evident from the time he was a baby. He has always been a creature of habit. Changes to his routine caused outbursts, meltdowns, and lots and lots of tears. When he was two years old, and we had a second baby, there were many days when something would overwhelm or upset him and he would scream and cry for six hours a day. This isn’t an exaggeration. Transitioning to preschool was tough as was kindergarten and grade one and… This continued into grade five where we started to notice that his anxiety was having a significant effect on his performance at school. His teacher was not seeing what we were seeing as our child was good at going through the motions at school. He was in many ways the invisible kid in the classroom. He followed the rules. He worked diligently when he was supposed to. No one was the wiser that he would come home after a day of...

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