e052 - COVID Compassion Project - Homeschooling That Feels Good with Lindsay Leiviska

podcasts Apr 29, 2020

Hello Mamas, our special #CovidCompassionProject series continues to spread hope, positivity, and tons of tips and strategies to help you make the best of this time at home for yourself and with your family, no matter the current state circumstances globally.

Today's episode features Lindsay Leiviska, founder of A Heart For All Students, an organization with the mission to empower children who think and process the world differently by equipping the moms who raise them. Lindsay is a Christian wife, mom of three, and an educator with her Masters Degree in Teaching. She has been working with children for over 20+ years and homeschooling her own for more than 10.

In 2013, Lindsay and her husband adopted a newborn boy. The story of his adoption transition into their family radically transformed Lindsay as a mom and educator. Her mission is to change the parenting and educational narrative as it relates to neurodiverse children so that they can thrive as the people God has designed...

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