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Mama Brain Magazine is a quarterly, digital magazine specially curated for you.

Our pillars are:


🥦🧘‍♀️🥑Family Health






What is the Mama Brain Magazine?

Mama Brain Magazine is here to provide trusted resources, curated content, support, empowering stories and messages to stop you, our beloved reader, from falling down the rabbit hole! Our motto? We’ve got you! This is a virtual village you can carry around in your mobile device!!!

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Who is Mama Brain Magazine for...


✓  The empowered womxn looking for trusted content and helpful resources.


✓  The mom searching for her village, this one happens to fit in your diaper bag.


✓  The female entrepreneur, looking for helpful resources to promote growth and support other female entrepreneurs.


✓  The woman looking for more, simply needing a boost of inspiration to achieve that.


✓  The woman looking for everything from fashion to news, accessible form her mobile device.


✓  The mama looking for a one stop shop, right in her back pocket.

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What does my subscription include?

🎯This is an online, quarterly magazine (for now), published by YGTMama Media Co. with a couple special editions per year (total of 6 issues).

🎯The purpose of this magazine is to give you another juicy way to ingest trusted and curated content—that doesn't suck—and that keeps you out of the rabbit hole.

🎯Annual subscription is $47 (that is $7 p/issue broken down) and you will receive this inaugural issue as a bonus if you subscribe before September 8th.

🎯In the new year, readers will be able to get your issues through the soon to launch YGTMama app (stay tuned for details on this).

🎯If you missed out, do not stress! Get on the list to discover when She comes back into stock.

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This isn’t your average mom mag, our contributors get raw and real, this mag is like having your girl gang or village in your back pocket.

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