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A 6- week intensive, group coaching program for the mission-driven woman who wants to grow and expand 

Personal transformation—professional development—high-level resources + trainings—accountability without the pressure—peer support + adult conversations

Strategies for brand + business growth—tools for real life; parenting, health, finances from industry thought leaders—opportunities + strategies for creative expansion; podcasting, writing, blogging, brand development

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✓  You are a mission-driven woman—translation; you are highly motivated to make an impact on the world through either business, art, creativity or influence.

You don't have the time or mental bandwidth to do it on your own.

✓  You have so many ideas swirling around in your head but find yourself getting stuck on the “how” due to lack of support and too much conflicting information on the internet! 

✓  You are craving deep connection, sisterhood and to be truly seen, heard and understood.

✓  You are coachable and open to receiving constructive feedback.

 ✓ You know you are made for and ready for MORE in your life.

You have a fire in your belly so strong, you can’t wait any longer to unleash your magic.

✓  You understand the value of investing in yourself and know that by doing so you are unlocking blocks to manifesting abundance but you are struggling right now.

✓  You understand that pouring into personal development, heightens your relationships—relationships with your partner, your children, money, and yourself.

✓  You are ready to step into the higher-level version of yourself and are willing to do the work involved to get there.

✓  You know that on the other side of this global pandemic is a fresh start and now is the time to create.

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Jennifer O'Hare

Entrepreneur + Founder of Love Me Free Movement

The mastermind was exactly what I needed to not only keep my personal development work in check, but to also bridge me to the next level. My eyes are wide open now to all the personal growth opportunities and I can take those awesome introductions and build on them. The support and encouragement that this amazing group of woman offered was vital to my positive experience as well. A constant reminder to keep your vibration high and connect to the present moment when life gets the best of you was super helpful for my overachieving type A personality. I can't say enough good things about Sabrina Greer. She is such a positive, relatable, and authentic person who was meant to facilitate these masterminds and others alike for all of time :)

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Stephanie Bakker

Music Biz Coach + Podcast Producer

"Being a part of the mastermind group has been a game changer for me, both on the personal side and the business side. So often we are looking for insights and information from our own circle who don't often have the skills and knowledge we are seeking. Being apart of this mastermind has given me the opportunity to be among women who are farther along than me who I can reach out to and also the opportunity to lift up others along the way too. The holistic approach to personal development and business development is key. I am so grateful to have found a place of connection and support as I continue on my journey of creating meaningful work and a life I love." 

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Melissa Punabolum

Entrepreneur + Founder of Your Life Designer

"When I think of my ideal life, I envision one where I belong, where I am enough. Having this Mastermind has gifted me with some connections and friendships, making this dream, as a multi-passionate Momma, come true. Women, each of us finding our voice in the world, cheering each other on no matter the win. This is community. This is connection." 

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Some call me the OG Boss Mama, or The Brain Baby Doula, but truthfully I am you, I just got really good at learning from my mistakes and loving my hot messes.

 I operate three booming businesses, have 5x best-selling books, a 5-star rated podcast and a partridge in a pear tree. No really though, I am asked all of the time, "how do you do it all" with 3 young boys, a 1-year old puppy and 12 egg-laying hens in tow. The answer?

I have figured out how to curate the chaos and now I GET to teach others, like you, how to do the same. There is no magic, just tools, strategies and an incredible network of amazing support!

My entrepreneurial journey began on maternity leave from my 10-year corporate career when I chose to build a six-figure sales team for an MLM company in less than one year...

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My Commitment to You!

I am entirely committed to your growth and success, whatever that looks like to you. This is not a one size fits all game, I will meet you where you are at and together we will birth your brain baby.

Maybe it is a book, a business, a podcast? A blog? Or perhaps you don’t even know yet. Maybe you are just looking for support, ideas and growth opportunities.

Whatever it is, we will take seemingly impossible goals, break them into bite-sized, digestible chunks and get you to where you desire to be.

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2 x 1:1 Coaching Calls With Sabrina + Messenger Access

$1000 VALUE

We will dive into your dreams and goals to help customize the program and experience for you!

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Weekly Mastermind Calls with Your New Biz Besties

$3000 VALUE

These calls are the gold. Gaining judgement free feedback from a group of like-minded individuals just might be the secret to success.

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Weekly Trainings From Sabrina and Our Special Guest Coaches

$1500 VALUE

A weekly training video and PDF worksheet outlining implementable strategies for finding clarity in your chaos. See curriculum below.

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Access To Industry Thought Leaders and Experts

$5000+ VALUE

Each week you'll learn from a new guest expert who was hand-picked for their expertise. You will be able to learn, chat with and receive insight from each expert!

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1-Year Membership to The Mama Brain Network 

$250  VALUE

One year membership (as a founding member) to The Mama Brain Network, for continued support and resources.

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YGTMama Exposure, Discounts and Affiliates


Feature opportunities on the YGTMAMA blog and/ or podcast to organically expand your network and followers. Access to member discounts and affiliate income opportunities.

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So by now, you must see the value I’m offering and you’re probably pretty excited to get started? BUT let me guess ...

That mean girl in your head, the one who wants to keep you small and stressed out, she is yelling at you...

...“I don’t have time for another thing, I am already so busy homeschooling and cleaning house.”

...“I can’t afford this, we are in a global recession.”

...“I will just join the next one when the world has healed.”

...“My business isn’t important enough yet to bother.”

...“I am not important enough.”

Am I right or am I right?

I have been there, chasing my “one-day” goals. As moms, we think it is not possible to invest in ourselves. Our dreams are last on the list. We keep justifying that:

...“one-day when___, I will finally do___.”

TODAY is the only day, today is “day one” and this realization is the first freebie advice I am going to give you.

You can do this because you are enough and you do deserve “it all” whatever that is for you. This program is designed to get you out of your own way so you can finally be excited to wake up in the morning.

I promised a lot and one more thing I solemnly swear is to give you is, my passion, my attention, my honesty, and vulnerability. You get the real me, Mama but in exchange for that I need – 6-weeks of you, physically (online), emotionally, and spiritually.

Meet your coaches
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We take a deep dive into self-discovery. What are your true passions and desires? Who are you at your core? We layout a roadmap for uncovering goals and setting intentions. Human design, and your WHY are just a few things we will cover off on here.

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Here we will really get into the mind/body connection. We will talk to the importance of physical and mental health. Our guest coach will provide nutrition + fitness tools. We will dive into habits, morning routines and so much more.

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This week we dive into discovering your dormant passions. What lights you up? What is your true calling and purpose? How can we help you bring that belly fire to life?

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This week we work on the "how" by providing strategies for time blocking, time management tools, pivoting and adjusting your business and getting back some of your time.

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This is where we get into the mindset work. Creating abundance and combating scarcity, manifesting what we want, practicing silence and gratitude and more.

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This final week we talk about growth. With a focus on the growth mindset we dive into strategies to apply your new information and knowledge. 

Yes! I want in!
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Camilla Brown


“This was my first experience with any sort of coaching program so I had no expectations. I went into it with an open heart and mind. What I came away with was a full heart and an even more curious mind. I've always known that we're here to serve others, that's how I've lived my life and what I teach my children, but now I know how I'm called to serve. Now I know exactly what this urge is within me. I've gained the clarity (oh the clarity!) and the confidence to do it. If you've been sitting on the sidelines of your own life knowing that there is more for you, I would recommend connecting with Sabrina and her amazing YGTMama network. ” 


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Nicole Bell

Mindset + Life Coach

“I cannot express enough gratitude for becoming connected with Sabrina and this program! Sabrina's coaching is so down to earth, caring, intuitive, and she truly listens to yours needs and desires. Every week her training and mastermind calls she held space for each individual with her whole heart. The speakers that were brought into this program were AMAZING and added a whole new level to this program. This is such a safe place for anyone looking for a group program in personal development!” 


Instagram | Website

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Anita Volikis

Separation + Divorce Recovery Coach

“I highly recommend the Mastermind. I enjoyed being a part of an amazing, creative, supportive group of women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The coaching and teachings were invaluable and helped me develop an abundance mindset and the courage to go after my goals and dreams.” 


Instagram | Website

join us today
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Repeat the following statements. Upon signing up for the program, you are agreeing and committing to the following promises.


✓ I promise 100% confidentiality. Topics discussed on the page and during our calls must stay within the group.

✓ I promise to leave my judgment at the door. This is a safe space to share our truths which sometimes can be difficult. The truth isn’t always pretty but our purpose is to work through the challenges together and in order to do so, we must know what those truths are.

✓ No shaming – any attempt to mom-shame or put anyone down will result in immediate removal from the program and page with no refund.

✓ Kindness only, we are here to help one another, lift each other up and rise together.

No selling or recruiting – we are here to support one another and absolutely this will create powerful relationships, new collaborations, and business partnerships. Yes, this is entirely the purpose of this group, to grow and help one another. The request is to allow this to happen organically, no aggressive sales on our fellow Boss Mamas.

$10,000+ Value—Join Today For Just $444 CDN


$444* CDN


  • Save over $350
  • 2x 1:1 calls with Sabrina
  • Weekly curriculum trainings 
  • Weekly mastermind (group) calls
  • Weekly connection opportunities
  • Weekly guest field experts/industry thought leaders
  • 1-year membership to The Mama Brain Network
  • Printable workbook, reading list and resource library
  • All access pass to our private vault (over 30 additional recorded trainings).
  • Sisterhood, community and clarity.